It starts with a rugged plant in the coffee belt, and the gentle yet quick hands of those who pick the cherries. Harvest, bag, pulp, wash, dry, and transport. And that's where we come in: specialty coffee roasters, here to facilitate and honour the journey from seed to cup. With the art and science of roasting, we develop the natural characteristics of each coffee, growing what has always been there. Next comes you: take these beans home, grind them, brew them and drink them, with love. It's your turn to honour the journey.

We are Nuevo Coffee Roasters, a husband and wife team based in historic and cosy New Westminster, BC. We roast tiny batches of high quality coffee to service the New Westminster Farmers Market, and soon our online store as well. If there's one thing we've learned from more than a decade in the coffee industry, it's that community and relationships are so important. 
So come stop by the Nuevo Coffee booth on Thursdays all summer at Tipperary Park for a cup of coffee, a bag of beans, or just to say hi. We'd be so happy to meet you!

Hacienda La Minita 


In January of 2016, we traveled throughout Costa Rica for three weeks. After being left speechless by beautiful, isolated beaches of the Nicoya Penninsula, and the incredible biodiversity of the cloud forest in Monteverde, we visited Hacienda La Minita, just outside of San Jose. This was our first time experiencing coffee at it's source and it really put that missing puzzle piece in place. Meeting the people at the very beginning of the coffee supply chain and seeing the hard work they do, really put everything into perspective. We highly recommend taking a coffee farm tour if you ever have the chance!